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hi this is Dan Locke are you thinking of using videos to grow your business to market your products and services maybe you're looking for ways to gain more subscribers and gain more viewers or maybe you're kind of on the fence and you want to try video marketing but not sure how to get started what you're about to see is a special exclusive workshop that I've conducted with some of my superstar mentees now these are the exact strategies that I have used to grow my channel 200 subscribers to thousands of subscribers to tens of thousands of subscribers to now hundreds of thousands subscribers so these are very proven strategies and this is only one video of the entire series so make sure you click on that eye button and click on their playlist check that out so you don't miss the before and after and watch the entire playlist now if this is the first time you watch my video and you wonder who is this Dan Locke guy click on the subscribe button below and make sure you subscribe to my channel every single day I upload a video to my channel for you and you can see we have hundreds of thousands of people watching my video and they enjoyed the content very much I think if you deep dive into my content you also get a lot of value from it with that said let's dive right into it the king of my ticket sales world's highest paid consultant Media celebrity multimillionaire entrepreneur a claim TEDx speaker international best-selling author [Music] I can share with you now because I'm very active in Vancouver and because we do I do and give entrepreneurs group and I speak on different stages I have had probably a dozen times if I walk down the street or downtown and someone like that people will come up to tea hey Dan I saw you at TEDx or I saw I saw you at ve G before we've met or we've connected and they will come and say hi or shake hands and we'll teach a little bit and sometimes we would take a picture but not once here's the thing I've written 12 books not ones and I've written them only the hundreds of articles not ones I've had someone walk up to me and say Dan I read your book I read your blog post but I've had twenty thirty times people walk up to me and say I watched a video I subscribe to your channel and in fact one time I was having lunch at a Japanese restaurant and a gentleman when I walked in the restaurant he was just looking at me like okay this was looking at me and after I sat down and and he came up to me and said hey Dan you know I want I subscribe to your channel no he first time he walked into are you Dan lock I said yes I'm always very afraid if you ask me that like are you Dan lock and you're gonna like serve me something or like yes I am oh holy can't believe man I see you that's awesome man and then we talk with or thank you thank you oh yeah let me buy your lunch no no no let me buy your lunch please please on me please order whatever you want please that's that's very kind but it's no not only no no please I insist okay okay fine thank you very much and he bought me lunch and it's very very kind of him but many many times I walk the street and unlike those ever bought me lines because they read my book really a lovely book but there's something about it when they get to know you and watch you on video that in fact it's as good as they see it probably as good enough miss the second second place of of seeing your life and and feel you and that's why I thought wow if in a time my chin only has a few thousand subscribers a few thousands maybe maybe a couple hundred thousand years so what am I thinking take a guess what am I thinking let's get more views what if I have ten times of you what have a hundred times to view what if a 1000 times of views like what would that do to my personal brand my influence my business and all these things and that's what I'm talking about the halo effect the halo effect reason number two interruption marketing versus attraction marketing please repeat after me what is it interruption marketing versus attraction marketing most entrepreneurs consultants and coaches service providers what they do is they do want to call interruption marketing ninety percent of time let me give you a perfect example let's say you're walking down you're just shopping you're walking down the mall and you see these booth this small booth and someone walk up to and say hey you want to try this cream you want to try this how about try this what are they doing they're interrupting you you're thinking of I'm going to Safari I'm going to shoppers to get what I want to get but in between someone's trying to interrupt me I'll stopping me and what do you usually do you stop that's very nice what do you usually do hmm you walk away no no thank you I may be smarter I'm actually gonna be like trying to circle that right circle that just oh he's there only let me go this way right so I don't even need to talk that's what I do right Oh sometimes I might like that to people right there okay I can't go today I just can't go today that's interruption marketing think about Facebook locking the facebook account you're scrolling you're seeing I'll see what my friends are up to my family's up to and suddenly you see what some some guy running an ad and saying hey I want to lose weight want to grow your business whatever sponsor ads that's what it is its interruption marketing you're not thinking of for their thing but someone trying to interrupt you hey have you thought about it you want to try this hey come here give me an email address hey come by this that's interruption marketing attraction marketing it's when you're looking for something you're going there for that thing so think about YouTube if someone types in YouTube and they type in let's say the word how to close high ticket sales are they looking for something very specific and if they type in there and if let's pretend my video shows up I'm giving them precisely exactly what they want when they want it I'm not interrupting them I'm providing a solution then let's pretend the video is actually good and I provide them with value now it's the relationship is different I'm attracting them they are searching out for me this is very powerful write this down you want your prospects to discover you when they discover you you have the power when you try to interrupt them they have the power to say no it's a frame of mind it's psychology now then how do you put yourself in positions where they discover you that's what I'm talking about today video marketing so think about the marketing that you do interruption versus attraction marketing when you co call somebody is their interruption marketing attraction marketing they are doing their thing they're having work in the office they're working from their home going about the day-to-day life do you Coco you interrupt them that's what they don't like it so much that's what Co calling is hard right Facebook very good example flyer have you ever seen I sometimes you parked in a parking lot how many experiences your Park in a parking lot when you come back again your car you see a little little piece of paper on your windshield and you're like he said a ticket how many of you think about that right and then you look it's not a good bastard all right how many of you do that right now suddenly that's why it's very dumb think about it I'm gonna piss off mood and I look at a company that's not a very good Association I don't care what it is that you do I'm pissed off you're the guy that made me pissed off like yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna call you like a milling that's interruption marketing there's a more extreme example right so yeah in the mall it's what we talked about let's say someone type in how to buy a business with no money they see my video how to buy business with no money thirty to thirty five thousand views again are they looking for something very specific hello yeah that's attraction marketing that's attraction marketing I want to take a moment acknowledge you maybe you've been following my work for some time now and you've been watching my videos for a period of time I want to hear from you how my work has impacted your life and your business I want you to comment below and share with me your story that's what gives me motivation and that's what gives me the drive to create more and inspire more and if your comment is very good my team will pin it to the top I do read every single one of your comments I might not have time to reply to all of them but I do read every single one of them I look forward reading your story