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How Video Email Marketing is Changing the
Game for Businesses… How To Save Time Managing Your Social Media… 3 Reasons to Launch A Content Marketing Strategy… It's Thursday, April 20, 2017 and this is
issue 2 of The Digital Marketing Digest… Hey Guys, Susan Bridges here from SCB Marketing. Every other week, Digital Marketing Digest
(DMD) gives you a quick summary of the biggest and most important news that impacts your
business, in the fast moving world of SEO, Social Media and Video Marketing! Okay, let's get into it…

How Video Email Marketing is Changing the
Game for Businesses… Without a doubt, Email Marketing, when done
properly, is one of the most useful methods of online marketing today. With an exceptional ROI, regardless of your
business niche, studies have shown that Email Marketing can bring in up to $38 for every
$1 you spend on it. This far outpaces other forms of online marketing. It's hard to believe you could improve on
these stats, but Video Email Marketing is doing it. So, why should you want to use video email
marketing in your business? For starters, Video Email Marketing makes
your customers want to OPEN your emails. We all get a deluge of junk mail everyday
we have to sort through to determine what we want to spend time reading. You can differentiate yourself with a video
on your email. Video Can Personalize Your Business… In general, video can personalize your business
far better than copy-writing. Why? People are social creatures. They want to see the people they are doing
business with or making a purchase from.

Using Video Can Help You Up-sell Your Customers… Virtually every product or service can benefit
from being seen on video, whether in person or even with a collection of images, text
and a voice-over. However, up-selling can really double the
benefit from video marketing in email. You can take a common up-sell to your main
product or service. Present it in a video to potential prospects,
and give them the opportunity to purchase it for a small fee.

Just like McDonald's does…would you like
fries with that? How To Save Time Managing Your Social
Media… If you're a small business or entrepreneur
your time is precious. You wear many hats running your business. Posting on social media can be a daunting
task. You know it's necessary in order to connect
with customers and launch new products and services. After all virtually everybody is on social
media these days. Download the app Buffer ( to help
do some of the work for you. Buffer can schedule and publish all of your
posts in one place. Plus they have analytics so you can check
to see how much engagement your posts are receiving.

There is a FREE version that works for… Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Instagram. The time saver is instead of logging into
all of your accounts several times a day you can schedule a variety of posts in one sitting
to go live on the date you specify. 3 Reasons to Launch A Content Marketing Strategy… According to, over 85%
of all marketers worldwide are using content marketing to obtain more engagement and sales.

Content Marketing, which we focus on here
at SCB Marketing, involves creating and sharing blog posts, videos and other content. So, what does this mean for your business? 1. Paid Advertising is on the Decline… Stats. show between 70-80% of consumers now
ignore paid ads. 2. You Can't Rank Well Without Content… If you don't have content on your business
website you are not going to rank well in the search engine results. 3. Content Creates Long-Term Results… Paid Advertising dries up as soon as you quit
paying. With content marketing you create long-term
results. You can rank organically in the search results
for many keywords and some of it will be 'evergreen'…never becoming dated. Ok, so that’s what’s been happening in
the world of SEO, Social Media and Video Marketing… If you’re not already subscribed, then make
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Until Next Time… So Long. Stay Strong. Stay True. Be You!.