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[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER 1: We're working on machine learning projects to actually predict if our candidates are actually going to enroll. And that is helping those actually both on the admissions side and sales to attract the best talent and actually go for the ones that we really want to come to our university. SPEAKER 2: A very important project that we are working right now in Carrefour is the attribution we have to understand where they come from. And if we are spending our money in the right channel. Attribution is really hard, that we all have to solve. SPEAKER 3: What we want to do is tell the story bring across the emotion. And we made a very clear choice in video. To do that, video is the best medium to bring across a feeling. If we limit ourselves to digital anything that does that is able to show video we're using at the moment.

SPEAKER 4: The interaction between within the company and the customer through digital tools in a digital environment is fundamental because as we all know we spend a lot of time through digital devices. And so being able to play correctly with all the tools is the best way to close an efficient that relationship. SPEAKER 5: We tried to change the structure in Europe and we create this center of excellence. The way was to change the way that we buy media. We used to have before different media buyers across all the countries. So we decide to centralize everything. So in this case we were able to then optimize the way that we buy the media across the Europe.

The other part was also to have any unique way to analyze the data. SPEAKER 2: As we all know that consumers are changing their behavior how they interact with their brand like Philips. So for instance they first went to a store but now they go online and search for our products and to see how can we reach our audience. Very effective. How can we take out our message in such a way that they like it and they click on our ads or they go on browsing through our own website.

Really exciting new developments which we need to learn more from and then try to capture that big opportunity which we think is really there.