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– If you wanna get views and subscribers and
growth on YouTube in 2019 the simple truth is you need a strategy. So in this video I'm gonna
be sharing three quick tips on how to put together a
simple content strategy plus a few advanced tips so you can grow even faster, comin' up. (upbeat contemporary music) Hey what's up? Sean here with Think Media bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video. And on this channel we do
a lot of tech gear reviews and camera videos as well
as tips and strategy videos just like this one. So if you're new here
consider subscribing. So recently we launched
our book YouTube Secrets and we were blessed for
having it hit number one in both social media
and business on Amazon but one of the things that
is included in this book was interviewing over 100
of the top video influencers on this platform, whether
that's entrepreneurs and business owners or
actual content creators and personal brands.

And one of the common themes we discovered was that anyone that was
succeeding on YouTube had a strategy. Ya know vision without
strategy is just an illusion. Ya know, I wanna get big, I
wanna get a bunch of subscribers well what's your plan? How are you going to do it? And one of the biggest mistakes I see a lot of content
creators focusing on and even some of the YouTube
tips channels out there is there's a focus on tactics;
do this algorithm hack, change this thing about your thumbnails; but there's not a lot of talk about building a cohesive strategy. And so let's dive into the three tips for putting together a simple content plan that you can get started with. Now as we go through these I want to encourage you to take some notes and write down the plan for your channel, whether that's in Google Docs, whether that's on paper, wherever it is, and number one is who are you trying to
reach with your content? The first thing you wanna define for your simple content plan
is your target audience.

Like who are they? What gender are they? What age are they? What are they into? What are their passions? Ya know, if you try and reach everybody you end up reaching nobody. But a lot of YouTubers
I talk to will be like, "Yeah, my content is for everybody," well how's that workin'
out for you, right? And so for example here on
Think Media our target audience is business-minded content
creators and entrepreneurs. Like we're here to talk
about the best tips for building your influence
on YouTube and social media and building an online business
and then the best tools, whether that's lighting
and audio and cameras for creating world-class
content on every budget. And so if people are interested
in that kind of content that's why you subscribe to Think Media.

You don't come here for gardening tips, you don't come here to learn the piano. You don't come here to
watch gameplay tutorials. Who's your target audience? You wanna be clear on that and the clearer and more specific you get
on your target audience the faster your channel will grow. And one other tip is
start small to get big. Sometimes we might feel
like our target audience is too narrow. I've noticed that people usually make
the opportunity mistake. Their target audience is
too wide not too narrow. When you serve the smallest
viable market possible and win then you can start expanding if you will into a bigger market. So start small to get big and number one, define your target audience. Number two, what is the
promise of your channel? Ya know, to succeed on YouTube I believe you should make your audience a promise.

And it doesn't necessarily
mean you state it, the promise though is just what kind of
content are you gonna create and when are you going to create it? So again, here on Think Media we are gonna create tech reviews and tips on which camera is
good and what microphones and how to ya know set up your home office and all these different
topics we cover, software, a lot of things relevant
for entrepreneurs, right and content creators.

And we're gonna share tips. I've made you a promise. My team and I, we've made you a promise, the best tips and tools
for building your influence with online video. Now under that, that's
actually our tag-line as well and I encourage you to create
a tagline for your channel. It's kinda like an elevator
pitch, summarize things up and that might take you a while to do. It doesn't happen overnight.

Bounce it off other people, but when you refine a punchy
tagline now people know what they can expect from you and the second part of that is
then when can they expect it? Ya know, it's my belief
that if you wanna win and grow on YouTube,
you need a content plan of when you're gonna upload. Now on Think Media we have
not promised any time of day but we have said this, "You're gonna get new
content from us weekly," and I think that's a good
commitment for all of us to make.

Hey, come back weekly for new videos that'll help you organization your house, learn photography tips,
teach ya how to draw, make you laugh, make you cry, inspire you. Whatever your promise is,
make sure to define it and then make sure to
articulate it on your channel so that people know what
they're signing up for. So here's a quick recap of the
three things you wanna define to create a simple content
plan for your YouTube channel. Number one, who are you trying
to reach with your channel? Who's your target audience? Number two, what are you promising? What is the promise that
you're gonna deliver on on your channel? And number three, when are you
gonna deliver that promise? Couple times a week, once a month? It doesn't matter but make a promise so that people can know you're consistent because consistency builds
trust and it'll build momentum on your channel.

But with that, let's jump
into a few advanced things that'll help you grow even faster. Maybe you already have all of those first things established. Number four, I wanna
encourage you, create a PDP for this year. What's that? It's a personal development plan. You know growth does
not happen by accident, it's intentional and so what is your PDP? Now, I've got one for my life. I've got areas that I wanna
grow in whether financially or physically or spiritually. But here on YouTube what are the areas that you need to grow in? Ya know, maybe that's video editing. Maybe this year would
your videos get better if you grew in confidence? Maybe it's graphic design
for your thumbnails. Maybe it's mastering analytics and how to actually grow your channel by making data-driven decisions. Maybe it's just organizing your content or figuring out how to use your camera. I would encourage you with this. Don't do too many skills even in one year. Pick one to two, maybe at the most three to try to develop this year.

What skills would take
your YouTube channel to another level? Put that in a plan for growth. What are you gonna study? Are you gonna watch
YouTube videos about it? Invest in a course about it? Ya know get help or just
commit to a lot of practice around those skills? Ya know personally I wrote
down my goal this year and I'm at a different
stage in my business. I've now been here on YouTube and been creating video
actually for over 15 years. I've been on YouTube for like a decade now and now Think Media has
grown and we have a team. So for me I actually wanna
grow as a leader this year. I wanna grow kinda more as a CEO and more, and being better at teamwork because I was just a solo creator and I've been at every stage
just like wherever you are I can relate because ya know, you're just shooting videos by yourself and you wear all the hats.

Well as we've grown I've
realized my skills were lacking. I needed to get new
skills for a new season. So what skills do you
need to develop next, make that a part of your growth plan. Now these final two tips is what makes the difference
between average channels and truly great YouTube channels. And so number five is what
is your positioning strategy? How are you positioning
yourself in the market specifically to be different? Ya know, there's a quote from
Sally Hogshead it said this, that if you wanna win
in business, in life, and in YouTube; I'm adding that; different is better than better.

So ask yourself how can you
be different in your niche? I know it can feel really
crowded here on YouTube and I remember when I was
getting started with tech there was a couple things that helped even Think Media be different. One of those was realizing
that a lot of the tech channels were just kinda talking to their peers. A lot of the different
channels here on YouTube were using insider language and it made it hard for
your average person, who didn't really care about
the sensor size of a camera or all the crazy features,
they just wanted to know if it had a selfie
screen, if it would work, if it would keep 'em in focus, if it would make the
blurry background happen. And so I actually really
carved out a market early on by just talking about content different, by talking about it in a different way and talking about tech in a different way to help people and hopefully add value. So how can you be different? How can you position your
channel and your content a little bit different in the marketplace? When you make that a part
of your positioning strategy that can really be a 10X
multiplier for growth.

And number six is a growth strategy. What is your plan for growing on YouTube? Ya know, ultimately growth
doesn't happen by accident it's intentional and when
you put a plan on paper you can grow even faster. Now, that's just an advanced tip and we can't go super
deep into it but actually if you want some deeper training on putting together a growth strategy so you can get discovered,
even if nobody knows you and even if you're just starting out, I just finished a brand new masterclass teaching my latest tips,
tactics, and training for 2019 to get ahead on YouTube.

In fact, it's really the new
rules of success for 2019. So if you wanna check
out that free training, it's at I'll put a link to it in
the description as well and that will actually lay out step by, it's about an hour long so
there's quite a bit of content. Totally free, you could check it out. That's at
if you want some help putting together really a growth strategy and figuring out a positioning strategy so you can be different. Question of the day. What is your simple content plan for 2019? I can't wait to hear from you
in the comments section below. Who's your target audience,
what's your promise to them, and when are you gonna
deliver on that promise? Tell me in the comments section below. (upbeat contemporary music).