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the first thing I would do if I was
looking for a job within digital or marketing in genera this is one of my favorite questions because there's so much to it a couple things for me the
biggest thing I leave to last t-shaped marketers not t for time out t-shaped marketers so a t-shape marketer is somebody who's
broadly skilled knows a whole ton of good stuff about digital marketing and
then has one really good area of specialization they know tons of stuff
about one particular thing now pretty much all of my team here we are all
pretty well broadly skilled know enough to be dangerous about websites WordPress
maybe in particular know enough to be dangerous when it comes to jumping into
Google and editing some staff having a look at things and then Facebook ads and
you know SEO and copywriting all the stuff broadly skills understand the
basic principles of marketing awareness interest desire action all the
straightforward stuff but then once you've found a thing you're really in to
hone in on it really get deep knowledge all about the thing that really drives
you that might be SEO ivy Facebook Ads really go for it and become the one that
the rest of the team the broadly skilled team come to and say hey I really need
this Google Ad to really perform how do I do that how can I get the
click-through rate up how can I make sure this quality score improves how can
I make this better and then you've got the answers for them so t-shaped
marketers think about how you develop your skills so how do you get a job
become broadly skilled but also look for the thing that you've got a bit of
passion about if you walk into a job or a job interview even sending a resume
and say oh I really really have some broad skills but I really like this one
you're ahead of the curve a couple things for me the biggest thing I'll
leave to last first thing is being able to adapt to change and that's for any
industry really you need to be able to accept change and learn new procedures
policies etc so the first thing would be the ability to learn and adapt to change
so obviously any industry you need to be able to learn the ins and outs of that
particular industry so that's common sense
being able to adapt to change nothing a manager loves nothing more
than having employees who are willing to change based on the company's
requirements okay so the second thing would be being able to read data so if
data bores you if looking at numbers and all that sort of stuff is not your thing
probably not suited to digital marketing because there is a lot of that that
takes place so we can get the best results for our clients so make sure
that you enjoy or you're able to read data probably the most important
suggestion I could give anyone trying to get into the industry is be yourself
whenever I interview I always be myself I come with my beard my personality
doesn't change and one of the reasons for that is a you don't know what sort
of personality type that company is looking for and B how long can you
maintain that character if you do get the role so be yourself and just stay
true to yourself will the University for a start I did a marketing degree it
taught me a lot of the theory but it didn't teach me the practical knowledge
I needed the first thing I would do if I was looking for a job within digital or
marketing in general is to reach out to agencies in the local area and get
either an internship or potentially with some work experience get your foot in
the door and as much as you can and if you show potential that might open open
you up to a job with them or failing that at least get you a good reference
and digital agencies are much more likely to look at you if you have some
real-world experience well this is one of my favorite questions because there's
so much to it but to keep it brief I'll make it a two-parter firstly if you
university-educated I would suggest that whatever you've
learned at university in regards to practical element don't bring that into
the interview as if you're a big King on campus because it's actually not that
cutting-edge and secondly if you're not university educated this is mostly for
the younger guys and girls if you aren't universally educated I would recommend
getting yourself some sort of a telemarketing or a sales job at a agency
and learning from the ground you